Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Big promises expected from Netanyahu as he woos enemies to form...

Under the country's system of proportional representation no single party has ever had, since the violent birth of the state in 1948, an overall majority - building alliances is key

Israeli election outcome too close to call on eve of vote

Tomorrow Israelis will go to the polls in a national vote, which is at this stage too close to call

This is what the end of the so-called IS caliphate looks...

They escape in their hundreds, each one of them struggling to clamber up a ridge on the edge of Baghouz

IS refuses to surrender: Hardcore fighters seem determined to die

It has been billed as Islamic State's final stand. The remnants of what was once a so-called "caliphate" spanning Iraq and Syria has been reduced to a slither of land along the Euphrates river

Death and desperation as Islamic State makes final stand in last...

We drove through deserted streets to the town of Baghouz where IS is making its last stand

Hate and fear as people emerge from Islamic State’s weakening grip

They blink gently in the winter sun, their eyes and faces masked by the grime of the desert

Malnourished children who fled IS in Syria are ‘close to death’

They've been camped at this spot for the last two days, running away during a pause in the violence

Shamima Begum’s husband, Jago Riedijk, ‘full of contradictions’

A misunderstanding with the guards means he arrives early, before we are set up

Islamic State families still ‘fanatical’ despite miserable life at Syria camp

The Islamic State women and children inhabiting the Syrian camp are damned to be shunned by their countries of origin. They are unwanted and stateless

Scrapping for food to survive: Inside the frontline of Yemen’s devastating...

No timeline has been announced for the withdrawal - it was originally scheduled for last month