Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Family’s anger as government’s social care plans delayed for fifth time

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told a parliamentary select committee that proposals for the long-term reform of care funding, first promised in 2017, would be published by the end of March

Male GPs earn a third more than female doctors, review reveals

The discrepancy in income for family doctors has been identified as the most extreme example of gender pay inequality among medics

Grenfell Tower soil contamination increases cancer risk

Analysis of soil, debris and char samples of insulation boards used on the tower has revealed heightened concentrations of cancer-causing chemicals and proven carcinogens including benzene within 200m (656ft) of the tower

Pressure builds over deaths of people with a learning disability or...

Barbara Keeley has written to Mr Hancock asking him to address parliament following a Sky News report of claims from two families that failings in the care system contributed to their loved ones' deaths

NHS could end up short of 70,000 nurses and 7,000 GPs,...

The report warns that existing nursing shortages could double and the shortfall of family doctors treble unless urgent measures are adopted in a new NHS workforce strategy, expected later this year

Brexit ‘information vacuum’ fuelling NHS drug shortages, trust bosses warn

One hospital chief executive said they are currently unable to source more than 160 medicines on a daily basis, an increase from about 30 in normal circumstances

Learning disability and autism care deaths ‘a national scandal’

Amanda Briley and Clive Treacey were among 40 people who died between 2015 and 2018 while admitted to hospital under the Transforming Care programme, an NHS initiative for people with a learning disability or autism

NHS four-hour A&E target could be ditched after trials

The plans from NHS England would see new waiting time targets set for the initial assessment of patients, "rapid" treatment of the most seriously ill including those with mental health conditions, and an average time for all patients replacing the four-hour standard

MPs demand answers in row over cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi

Representatives of Vertex, manufacturers of the drug Orkambi, and NHS England will give evidence to the Commons health and social care committee

Anti-vaccine ‘fake news’ causing decline in take-up and rise in measles,...

Simon Stevens said "fake news" messages about vaccination shared on Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp appeared to be gaining traction, undermining irrefutable evidence that vaccination programmes save lives