Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Ian Austin’s exit shows Labour’s woes are a lot bigger than...

Mr Austin's departure is hardly a shock in the sense that he is one of Jeremy Corbyn's most vociferous critics, particularly on antisemitism

Rebel MPs looked anguished – but their message was defiant

Most of them have been members of the party since they were teenagers, and have held a variety of senior positions

Long-standing Labour MP Paul Flynn dies aged 84

He was the second eldest MP in parliament and one of Labour's longest serving, elected to the seat of Newport West in South Wales in 1987

Lady Falkender was the most powerful woman of her age –...

A place in history part occluded because of the prejudices of her own age - and refracted further by those of our own

Sir Duncan Michael: Labour member’s Jewish slur not deemed antisemitic by...

Sky News has obtained a recording of the comments made by Sir Duncan Michael, which prompted audible shock during a meeting held by the Wimbledon Constituency Labour Party last August

Brexit vote defeat worsens Theresa May’s hand in EU negotiations

Although the vote was not binding, meaning it has no real bearing on what happens next in legal terms, it is politically significant and puts Theresa May in a more difficult position during negotiations

Tory Brexiteers could condemn May to defeat again

The motion asks the House of Commons to "reiterate its support" for what was agreed in a previous set of votes two weeks ago

Angry split sees shadow ministers rage over antisemitism in front of...

Sky News understands that Tom Watson, the party's deputy leader, was confronted by Ian Lavery, the party chairman, which resulted in Mr Watson warning he would not be "shouted down"

Theresa May’s Brexit overture to Labour is a high-risk move

Depending on which newspaper you read, it is being interpreted either as Mrs May opening the door to a soft Brexit - at the risk of a cabinet split - or as a rejection of Jeremy Corbyn's proposals for a permanent customs union

May at pains to promise she’ll never allow hard border between...

On more than one occasion she reiterated her promise not to allow a hard border to be erected between the island of Ireland and the north, vowing that she will never let it happen