Saturday, April 20, 2019
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It was unthinkable, but a Brexit red line has been crossed

"Are we heading for a customs union?" I asked the International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, and not for the first time

National unity approach has to give Brussels something credible by next...

Certainly over half a dozen ministers including Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson urged the PM not to delay Brexit further

Drastic times call for bold thinking as Brexit deadline looms

There were just three votes in it, however, for the idea of a customs union post Brexit. The Ken Clarke plan failed only because some Lib Dems and other softer Brexit and Remain supporters refused to compromise, expecting that a referendum is within their grasp

Brexit: The UK was meant to leave at 11pm tonight –...

Theresa May chose to enshrine it in law. She chose to sign off billions in no-deal spending predicated on this being the exit date. She repeated it over 100 times

Betrayal, backstabbing and tyranny: An every day tale of Brexit

Boris Johnson had declared his support for the deal. A regular trickle of switchers were going the PM's way. Her 1922 committee address confirming a faster "Trexit" (Theresa's exit) timetable provided the deal passed had unlocked around a couple of dozen votes

Extraordinary political experiment may reveal what is plausible

Handing over control of Commons business for five hours or so could just start to crystallise the contours of compromise

EU has put MPs in the driving seat for Brexit

There was an embryonic sliver of almost regret from the PM over her "frustration" with the delay in that extraordinary statement

Theresa May has the Brexiteers where she wants them

But the impact of that final vote will be far more profound

The Brexit clocks have been reset, but time’s running out for...

The PM ended up effectively voting for no deal, after her motion, only ruling it out for a month, was defeated and replaced with one ruling it out full stop

The smart money is on the Brexit can being kicked down...

After another day's amendments, procedure, brinkmanship, and concession, there was just one resignation - that of the ministerial aide Alberto Costa, obliged to resign after putting forward his own amendment, ultimately accepted by the Government