Saturday, April 20, 2019
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The determination in Khartoum brought tears to my eyes

It is blisteringly hot in Khartoum, a minimum of 40C (104F) in the daytime

Sudan’s revolution growing despite undercurrent of fear

We were confronted by the presence of military and intelligence units as soon as we left the capital's airport and headed to the centre of the anti-government protests in town

Venezuela crisis: Rich and poor both suffer as Venezuela struggles without...

Shops, businesses, schools and hotels are closed because of the lack of power

Venezuela: Power cuts – not power struggle – could see off...

For the first time in weeks, the government decided to change tack and attempt to disrupt the rally, not with force, but with an overwhelming security services presence designed to intimidate and snuff out the mass movement of people across the capital

Venezuela’s political superstar Guaido shines on, as Maduro refuses to budge

We haven't missed one yet, nor have hundreds of thousands, who flooded in to towns and city centres all over the country

Venezuelans feel they are on the cusp of change – but...

Chanting "Freedom" and "Yes we can", hundreds of thousands wearing national colours on T-shirts and caps, and carrying flags, streamed towards the wide Avenida Principal de las Mercedes to see their leader Juan Guaido

Venezuela crisis: President Maduro holds firm in face of widespread condemnation

There is a continuous swirl or rumours; coup, counter-coup and crackdown

Juan Guaido: No Bill Clinton but he certainly has something

The meeting had been set for an apartment block. In Caracas that is about as accurate as saying it is in a building - the city is entirely made up of apartment blocks

Venezuela will only get worse as war of words intensifies

It was here we filmed the panoramic majesty of the mountains that dominate the skyline of the city on the valley floor, and it was here we were stopped in about two minutes of our arrival

Military could decide final outcome in Venezuela

His support appears to be growing and his profile has certainly caught the imagination of the international community