Saturday, February 23, 2019
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NCSC: UK has ‘toughest and most rigorous oversight regime in the...

NCSC's head, Ciaran Martin, added that the decision on a potential ban of Huawei equipment would be made by ministers, and not by the agency assessing the risk

Microsoft spots Russian hacking campaign ahead of EU elections

The attacks have targeted the employees of political campaigns as well as think-tanks and non-profit organisations working on topics connected to democracy and electoral integrity

Online advertising body accused of knowingly breaking UK & EU data...

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is responsible for the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) standard which underpins the advertising auctions that take place on most websites as soon as individuals visit them

MPs call for government to examine Russian influence on Brexit

The digital, culture, media and sport committee of MPs published its report on disinformation and fake news, examining the broad range of harms, including voter manipulation which can be conducted online

Google ‘satisfies’ Russian regulator over censorship demands – report

However, the head of the regulator, Alexander Zharov, told state-owned news agency TASS on Friday: "At this stage, we are satisfied with the results of the dialogue with Google."

Facebook exposed US counter-intelligence agents to Iranian spies

It marks both an embarrassing slip in the operational security practices of counter-intelligence agents, and reveals the serious consequences of Facebook's impact on its users' privacy

Russian politicians vote for tight new internet controls

If enacted, the law would force Russian web traffic to be routed through systems controlled by the government - prompting fears the Kremlin may use the surveillance and censorship capability to stifle criticism

NATO allies in ongoing consultations over Huawei ban

Although members including Poland have called for a joint position between NATO and the EU on Huawei, NATO has said a common position would mean a collective agreement between its members

Minister says social media crackdown is coming

Margot James, the minister for digital and creative industries, announced the measures during her speech at the Safer Internet Day conference

Leave.EU campaign and Arron Banks firm Eldon Insurance fined for illegal...

The fines were issued by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) which also announced it will audit both firms' handling of personal dat