Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Lagoon’s ‘incredible refuge’ may hold secret to coral survival

Coral reefs in the huge lagoon, which is big enough to swallow Manhattan twice over, survived the mass bleaching event in 2016 in much better health than those that ring the outside of the atoll

Deep Ocean Live: Tonnes of plastic and thousands of flip-flops threaten...

The island, known as the "Galapagos of the Indian Ocean" because of the sheer variety of life, is more than 400 miles (644 km) from the nearest significant human settlement

Deep Ocean Live: Scientists confident of identifying new species

Marine biologists on the Nekton mission are using high definition video recordings to identify the amount and variety of life

Deep Ocean Live: What a coral reef spared from commercial fishing...

Aldabra, a remote island in the Indian Ocean, is a UNESCO world heritage site and is at the centre of a strict marine protected are

Deep Ocean camera’s close encounter with shark

The unidentified species of shark bumped the camera, then passed so close to the lens that the tooth-like scales on its skin are visible

Deep Ocean Live: Rescuers save mini-submarine which was stranded on seabed

The remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) fell to the seabed on Tuesday after its cable was sliced through by the propeller of the Nekton mission's mothership

Extraordinary life at half-light 200m under the sea

I'd been invited to join the Nekton team on a journey to the twilight zone, an appetiser for Deep Ocean Live, our series of world-first programmes that we will broadcast next week from underwater

Quest to find rare marine life in the deep ocean begins

Marine biologists on the Nekton mission are taking samples from the surface down to a depth of 500m

Deep Ocean Live: Subs practice launch for first twilight zone dives

The mothership, the Ocean Zephyr, arrived off the coast of Alphonse, a remote island of the Seychelles, just before 6am local time (2am GMT)

Deep Ocean Live: Climate change is killing the ocean’s coral reefs

Sky News was taken to Cousin Island by the environmental organisation Nature Seychelles. The reserve is known for its vibrant bird life