Tory MP Nadine Dorries told ‘not all brown women look the same’ after tweet mix-up


Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has drawn criticism for mixing up two British Asian women who both work in politics.

The MP for Mid Bedfordshire posted a video on Twitter of political journalist Ash Sarkar but referred to her as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Chingford – which is actually Faiza Shaheen.

It prompted criticism from both Ms Sarkar and Ms Shaheen, while Tory Baroness Sayeeda Warsi responded by tweeting: “Honestly not all brown women look the same.”

Ms Sarkar wrote on Twitter: “Me and @faizashaheen are two different women, Nadine. You don’t see me out here mixing you up with any random white lady, so please pay me the same courtesy.”

Meanwhile, Ms Shaheen tweeted: “FYI @NadineDorries I’m Faiza Shaheen, the woman that will kick out IDS [Iain Duncan Smith] at the next general election.

“And unlike you, my old school friends, teachers and neighbours in Chingford & Woodford Green can tell the difference between me and other brown women.”

Ms Dorries later apologised for the error, saying she had mixed up the two women because of their accents rather than their appearances.

“It was a tiny video on my small phone screen when I wrote it,” she told the BBC.

“I’m obviously really sorry if it caused any offence. I was just guessing really, hence my careful wording of the tweet as in ‘may be’.

“It was the accent I was basing the identification on via my phone as I thought I recognised the voice and it sounded like Faiza.”

In the original clip posted by Ms Dorries, Ms Sarkar, who works for Novara Media, said it was a myth that so-called Corbynistas are “misty-eyed” about Venezuela.

The clip then shows several people associated with Jeremy Corbyn, as well as the Labour leader himself, speaking at events in solidarity with the socialist nation.

(c) Sky News 2019: Tory MP Nadine Dorries told ‘not all brown women look the same’ after tweet mix-up

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